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Product Management Resources - Idea Generation for Product Managers

Idea Generation

We can brainstorm and gather ideas on involving market research, customer feedback, and competitive analysis to identify opportunities. -Product Concept for Product Managers

Product Concept

After identifying an opportunity let’s talk about creating user personas, defining the product’s value proposition, and outlining the features and functionality. - Product Definition for Product Managers

Product Definition

Let’s outline the product’s features, target market, pricing, and positioning. This phase also involves creating a product roadmap that outlines the development schedule and milestones. - Product Development for Product Managers

Product Development

Topics supporting product development. Including story mapping, design, engineering, testing, and quality assurance. - Product Launch for Product Managers

Product Launch

How should you launch the product to market? We can talk about marketing materials, developing a launch plan, and coordinating the launch across different teams and channels. - Mastering Product Management

Product Management

Includes monitoring product performance, gathering customer feedback, and making any necessary changes or updates to ensure we move toward product market fit. - Product Retirement for Product Managers

Product Retirement

After the product reaches its end of life, planning the product retirement could include phasing out the product, communicating the change to the stakeholders, and identifying new opportunities to replace the retired product. - YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube channel to learn more about the concepts and theories supporting product management.